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How LawSudo Can Help Your Firm

LawSudo exists solely to help law firms reach more of the potential clients who are looking online for their services. We take your goals and help design a marketing campaign that fits the needs of you and your business. LawSudo has designed custom marketing campaigns for hundreds of law firms, and we are ready to do it for you. If you are looking for more calls, leads or clients, our team will build a unique internet marketing strategy that is geared towards accomplishing what matters to you the most.

Which service interests you the most?

Every successful company has a successful marketing strategy. Your law firm is no different – if you want to compete in today’s legal services marketplace, your firm needs to market itself effectively. Rather than trying to take on your firm’s marketing strategy yourself, work with a legal marketing agency that knows how to get the results you need. It’s important that you take the time to find an agency that’s qualified to market your firm. A generic marketing agency won’t do; law firms have specific needs and goals that other types of business simply do not. Not all legal marketing agencies offer the same quality of service, either – some make promises they can’t keep, some only provide a few of the services you need, and others simply do not have the resources or skill set to connect with your target audience. You need to work with a legal marketing service that has a proven track record of achieving results for its clients. Just like you strive to help your clients reach their goals, your legal marketing service should be dedicated to helping you reach yours.


If you’re not engaging in legal marketing strategies online, you’re not reaching your clients. Of the approximately 319 million people living in the United States, 90 percent of the population uses the internet. Take a quick look online and you’ll see thousands of other firms successfully marketing through websites, blogs, and social media. LawSudo is a legal marketing service that can bring your firm online to reach your clients where they spend their time. Getting online and maintaining an online presence is a guaranteed way to generate more leads and maintain a competitive edge within your practice areas’ marketspace.


I Already Have a Website, Isn’t That Enough?

No. Legal marketing involves far more than a firm’s website. Your website is a good start, but it is not the be-all, end-all of a marketing strategy. Think of your website as a foundation. It’s the solid, central part of your legal marketing strategy that contains the most important content your clients need to access, like directions to your office, a list of your practice areas, testimonials from your previous clients, and background information about each member of your firm. Your website itself has to be easy for visitors to use in order to be a successful part of your firm’s marketing strategy.


Social media is a component of online legal marketing. Approximately two thirds of Americans use social media. In younger age categories, the number of Americans who use social media is even higher, reaching 90 percent with adults in their 20s. Social media provides a more casual, conversational avenue to use to interact with your prospective clients. Facebook lets you engage in substantial interactions with the community. Twitter makes it possible to share bite-sized pieces of commentary about the changing laws and noteworthy pieces of news. LinkedIn is a professional space where you can share blog posts, promote your services, and connect with other professionals in your field.


Successful legal marketing relies on feedback from current, former, and prospective clients. The internet has changed the ways we conduct our daily lives and interact with each other and in turn, users’ behavior has shaped how the online world has grown and developed over the past three decades. At LawSudo, we actively seek out feedback from your site’s users to determine what works, what doesn’t work, and how your firm’s legal marketing strategy can be improved. We employ multiple strategies, such as A/B testing and other usability experiments, to understand how visitors use our clients’ sites and gauge ways to reach them better. Trial and error is an important part of the development of a legal marketing campaign. When we try something and it doesn’t work, we replace it with something that does.


What worked for another firm might not necessarily work for yours. Your firm’s practice areas, geographical location, and ideal client’s age, gender, and socioeconomic status all play a role in crafting an effective legal marketing strategy. Good legal marketing isn’t generic; it’s dynamic, responsive, and customized to each firm.


So What will a New Legal Marketing Strategy Do for My Firm?

By working with LawSudo to create a multi-faceted online legal marketing strategy, your firm can expect the following results:


  • A higher conversion rate. In online marketing, conversions are king. When a user takes the desired action, like calling your firm to schedule a legal consultation or filling out your contact form, that’s a conversion. An effective legal marketing strategy not only brings new users to your firm’s website, but raises the percentage of users who take the next step to contact your firm directly;
  • Better online visibility. If your clients don’t see you, how can they find you? Visibility is a top priority in every legal marketing campaign we create. By employing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies like meta tagging and choosing the right keywords, we’ll bring your firm to the front page of Google and beyond; and
  • A website that engages and impresses visitors. On average, website visitors spend less than a minute on each page. Your website needs to showcase your firm’s strengths and successes in a way that will inspire confidence and trust in its visitors. First impressions matter. Invest in a legal marketing service provider who will invest in your firm’s first impression with online users.

Effective Legal Marketing is an Investment

As a business owner, you want to know that every dollar you spend on your firm is a dollar that will return to you with interest. Do not write off online legal marketing as trivial or underestimate its importance to your firm’s continuing success. A successful legal marketing strategy requires money and time. LawSudo offers competitive pricing and strives to deliver a legal marketing services at a great value to clients. To build an effective online legal marketing strategy, though, you need to be willing to make an investment in the right legal marketing team.

Attorney Marketing

Your law firm is your business. Like other business owners, your success depends on how well you can anticipate clients’ needs and fulfill them. But marketing a law firm isn’t exactly the same as marketing a retail business or a service like a restaurant. A law firm is a professional practice and the product you’re selling is your ability to provide legal counsel and representation to your clients. Attorney marketing involves strategies that are often similar to strategies used by doctors, accountants, and other professionals.


Attorney marketing isn’t just communicating your practice areas and your firm’s resources to your clients – it’s showing them how you can draw upon your knowledge and expertise to serve them. Whether you’re a personal injury lawyer communicating how you can help your clients seek the compensation they deserve for their damages, a criminal defense lawyer showing how you can help your clients fight their charges, or a family lawyer stressing the importance of compassion, sensitivity, and fairness when seeking a ruling in family court, you need to do more than show that your firm is the right firm for the job. You need to show that you, specifically, are the right attorney for the job. In a nutshell, that is attorney marketing.


Who Are you? What Makes you a Great Attorney? These Answers are Part of your Attorney Marketing Strategy

This is the human element inherent to attorney marketing. If you take a look at other firms’ websites, you’ll see that they often have biography pages for each team member. They list more than each attorney’s educational background and bar admissions; they create a portrait of each attorney as a person.


What inspired you to enter the legal field? What are your interests? What are your passions? What do you do in your free time? These are all questions that should be answered on your biography page. They should also be accompanied by a high resolution, professional head shot. You don’t need to give your readers your entire life story. Just a few paragraphs about you are sufficient to add the human element to your attorney marketing strategy.


Choosing the Right Tone for your Attorney Marketing Strategy

Our attorney marketing team at LawSudo can work with you to determine the right tone for the copy on your biography and the rest of your website. This is all part of the strategy for reaching your ideal clients. If you are a business attorney, you might want to use a more formal tone in your web copy. If you are targeting a more general population, you might want to use more conversational language. Beyond this, you can modify the language you use to shape how your readers perceive you. For example, if presenting yourself as a down to Earth, humble individual is part of your attorney marketing strategy, you can make use of colloquial words and phrasing to show your personality. If you want to demonstrate that you are an aggressive, litigation-ready attorney, consider using language that shows this. Generic attorney marketing just doesn’t work. You need to work with an attorney marketing firm that can accurately depict you, your firm, and your individual strengths to your current and prospective clients through online avenues like your firm’s website, its social media accounts, and its blog.


Should Blogging be Part of my Attorney Marketing Strategy?

Yes. Blogging should be part of your attorney marketing strategy. Blogging is an informal, conversational way to present legal topics to your readers. Although you have content pages on your website that explain your practice areas and the laws pertaining to each, your blog can expand on this information in a way that is easy to read and digest. Blogging humanizes your message and helps readers develop a better understanding of how your firm can help them. It allows you to touch on topics that you might not otherwise be part of your attorney marketing plan.

Examples of blog posts that can be part of an attorney marketing strategy include the following:

  • For a family law firm, posts about updates to existing laws. Family and divorce laws are frequently in flux, and a blog post is a quick way to update readers                about changes to the law;
  • Family law firms can also post blogs about the day-to-day realities of life while a divorce is pending and parenting after a divorce;
  • Criminal defense lawyers can publish blog posts with advice about interacting with law             enforcement and the court in the moments following an arrest and                while working through the criminal justice process;
  • A blog post can be used to explain important terms and concepts to one’s practice area; and
  • For tax lawyers, estate planning lawyers, and business attorneys, a blog post can be the opportunity to take dry, complicated legal topics and make them accessible to readers.

Client Testimonials and Past Case Results are Key to Effective Attorney Marketing

You’ve probably also seen client testimonials on other firms’ sites. This, too, is an important component of attorney marketing. Your former clients are one of your greatest assets, not only as an individual attorney, but as a firm. If you are still in contact with former clients, ask them to provide testimonials about their experiences with you and your firm. When prospective clients look at your website, they want to feel like they can trust you to work hard for them. Positive testimonials from clients can assure them that you dedicate yourself to every case you handle. Do not underestimate the role testimonials play in attorney marketing.


You probably don’t want to publish the details of each past client’s case. That’s where your previous case results page plays a role in your attorney marketing strategy. By listing the general details of past cases and the settlement amounts for each, you can show that you are a competent attorney and that your clients get results. When you are building an attorney marketing strategy, few things speak louder to potential new clients than your previous successful verdicts and settlements.


Law Firm Marketing

To reach each firm’s target audience, law firm marketing plans make use of many different elements. As you read above, law firm marketing involves effective attorney marketing as well as expressing the value that a firm presents as a whole. Often, this holistic approach can be interwoven with the human element of law firm marketing. You might want to demonstrate how all of your firm’s members work together on cases, each devoting themselves to every client’s case. In addition to discussing your team members’ individual strengths and strengths as a group, effective law firm marketing discusses the resources your firm uses to aid its clients.


Resources Vary from Practice Area to Practice Area

One resource that any firm should advertise is its professional network. Legal cases do not exist in vacuums, and when you are gathering evidence for clients and seeking perspectives from expert witnesses, your professional network can set you apart from other firms. Highlight the specific ways your firm can draw upon its professional network to aid clients in your law firm marketing plan. For example, a personal injury firm might want to display its connections to accident reconstruction specialists, doctors, and individuals with knowledge of building codes, such as general contractors. Firms that specialize further might want to advertise their specialized professional contacts, such as a firm specializing in birth injury claims mentioning that its professional network contains numerous obstetricians. A family law firm might want to advertise that its professional network includes child psychologists and mediators.


Which Types of Firm Do We Work With?

Our team at LawSudo works with all types of law firm, such as the following:

  • Personal injury firms;
  • Family law firms;
  • Criminal defense firms;
  • Tax law firms;
  • Immigration firms;
  • Bankruptcy law firms;
  • Estate planning firms;
  • Business law firms; and
  • Real estate law firms.

We also work with a significant number of firms that have more than one practice area as well as those with specific areas of expertise, like criminal defense firms that specialize in DUI cases. Our team can create effective law firm marketing campaigns for small firms as well as large, multi-partner firms. It does not matter whether your firm is has existed for a hundred years or if it is a fledgling startup. We work with firms in big cities, small towns, and every type of community in between. If your firm is serious about moving forward with a custom online law firm marketing plan, we can work with you to make your law firm marketing dreams a reality.


Law Firm Marketing Services We Offer

At LawSudo, we offer a full range of online law firm marketing services to help your firm be visible, engaging, and competitive in the online marketspace. You might opt to take advantage of only one or two of our services or you might opt for a comprehensive law firm marketing plan that involves them all. Whichever you choose, our team is here to help you utilize the services you book in the most effective manner possible.

Services LawSudo Offers:

  • Website Management. Your firm’s website is the first impression it makes with online readers. Don’t skimp out on your firm’s website – work with a law firm marketing agency that can design and build a sharp looking, functional website while making use of search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to not only get readers to your site, but to get them to contact your firm directly;
  • PPC Management. PPC stands for “pay-per-click.” In law firm marketing, pay-per-click campaigns are used to determine a fair price for the use of paid ads on other websites. In short, you when your firm puts an ad on another website, you pay for each click the ad receives – ideally, because the click will lead to a conversion. By tracking ads and responses to them this way, you can determine which other sites your clients use and which sites to advertise on in order to reach them better. LawSudo can handle all of this for your firm, ensuring that your ads reach your target audience without overcharging you;
  • Online Marketing. Online marketing is a cornerstone of modern law firm marketing. This includes the development of websites, the use of advertising campaigns, and the tracking of your firm’s online performance. SEO is a critical part of all areas of online law firm marketing, which we take very seriously and always prioritize;
  • Social Media Marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also an important part of your law firm marketing strategy. These are the informal spaces where your firm can interact with its current and prospective clients through insightful commentary, blog posts, and networking. A strong social media presence can boost your firm’s conversions and add to its online visibility level; and
  • Law Firm Logo Design. Your website is the first impression your firm makes with online readers. But your firm’s logo is often the impression that lasts. Your firm’s logo is like its signature. It is a unique shorthand that ties any piece of merchandise, document, or online presence to your firm. Our team of designers can make use of color, shape, and text to create the perfect logo for your firm.


To Learn More About How We Can Build your Next Law Firm Marketing Campaign, Contact LawSudo

Our team is here to answer your questions about law firm marketing and help you determine the next steps for your firm. Marking on the internet is crucial to surviving in today’s economy. If you have not done any online marketing previously, this can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in. During your first discussion with LawSudo, our team can answer all of your questions and break law firm marketing down for you to help you understand its value to your firm. Don’t wait to make online law firm marketing part of your firm’s success story. Contact LawSudo today to start working with us.

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