About Us

What We Do

Our clients are too busy being an attorney and are most profitable when they stay focused on their practice. With a niche in attorney marketing and a team of extremely talented web designers, content writers, and SEO analysts all located locally in Austin, Texas, we combine the best practices from attorney web design, SEM marketing and multiple social media outlets to drive phone calls and email generated leads to help our lawyers gain more potential clients from the web. We help great attorneys find the type of clients that they are looking for and help scale up the firm's case load through SEM.

Why We Do It

We’re a passionate team of online marketers and web designers who are dedicated to helping our lawyers grow their practice. We know how online marketing can help law firms succeed and how some attorneys just don't have the time or expertise to implement a successful online campaign them selves. We want every law firm big or small to have access to a team of professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to help you be successful online. All attorneys need some sort of online presence and, even if it's just a simple website, we are here to help you connect with potential clients who would otherwise overlook your services.

How We Got Started

Founded in Austin, Texas, we started out creating beautiful user friendly websites for attorneys. We then began recruiting all of the right people and expanded our services to include pay per click marketing and search engine optimization. We are only a team of 8, but we are an elite group of professionals and growing fast.

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