Online Reputation Repair for Attorneys

A strong and reputable online presence has never been more important. This is why it can be especially frustrating to learn that a potential customer was turned off your firm by any unfavorable results that may pop up when doing online research on your law firm.

Legal Online Reputation Repair and Management (ORM)

The fact of the matter is, you and your law firm are defined by what people see when they conduct a search on your firm. Studies have suggested that hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue are lost due to misleading, false, or unfavorable information on a daily basis. Sometimes the unfavorable coverage comes from a news article, a forums post, or a review left behind by a client with a grudge, and can prove to be problematic when trying to increase your client base. The good news is that we at LawSudo are experts in repairing and maintaining online reputations, and can help ensure that your target audience sees you in the best possible light.

Above all, we understand how important it is to have a positive image and branding online. It’s only natural that a potential client do his or her due diligence and fully research your firm before committing to your services. While negative reviews and other unfavorable coverage may turn clients away, impressive and positive content will further establish trust in you and your brand.

Why Your Law Firm Needs ORM

Negative or unfavorable listings damage your reputation and hurt your bottom line. Try Googling your law firm name right now. Does everything you see work in favor of you, or is there unappealing content that can prove to be a hindrance? Negative coverage obscures the merits of your law firm as people tend to focus on the negative.
Unfortunately, negative listings tend to do better and rank higher over time. In addition, they are often submitted anonymously, which further protects them from deletion. These negative listings can pop up and rank high particularly quickly, which makes it especially important that you respond quickly and take immediate action.
Our team of professionals at LawSudo is skilled at highlighting your strengths while suppressing unfavorable content that can damage your reputation. Don’t let a few bad apples jeopardize your business. Call LawSudo at 512.850.5999 to learn more.

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