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Increase Website Traffic By Improving Your SEO Rankings

If you’ve done any research in marketing your law firm, you’ve probably heard about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is especially powerful as it is particularly cost effective when compared to other SEO marketing strategies, and can offer exposure for your law firm at a great value. We at LawSudo are experts at SEM and utilize proven techniques to achieve the results that our clients desire.

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) describes a set of practices aimed at getting your site ranked on search engines listings. The truth is, any items not on the first page of a set of search results tend to be ignored by users. Not being on the front page is detrimental to the growth of your business, and we at LawSudo know exactly what it takes to get you that covered stop on the top of search listings. Our previous clients can attest to this, as our practices are proven to increase visibility and boost your rankings.

Legal Keyword Selection and Research

Keywords are terms that people use when conducting a search via sites like Google and Bing, and can include terms such as “attorney Houston TX” or “bankruptcy law New York NY.” Choosing the proper keywords is critical, and can require a heavy time investment as you research the best options. At LawSudo, we can conduct this research for you and pinpoint your best options to promote visibility and traffic.

Optimized Law Firm Website Coding

It is important to code and optimize your website for search engine spiders, which can include practices such as META tagging, establishing directories, site maps, optimizing the navigational elements, and more. However, it is important to draw a balance as a website designed with search engine robots in mind tend to be unappealing to the clients that you’re trying to attract. Experts such as the elite team at LawSudo understand the nuanced balance between these two target audiences, and can consolidate your site to maximize visibility and appeal with both sets of demographics.

Performance Tracking for your Law Firm’s SEO Campaign

We at LawSudo have a full suite of robust tracking software, which allows us to continue tweaking and optimizing your campaign to get the desired results. This data is also useful for all your PPC campaigns. Not only that, but we also offer data on visitor numbers, peak times for traffic, and other reports that help you map out and improve the efficiency of your website.
Our innovative and cutting-edge optimization process is designed to boost your rankings and online presence, and features the following advantages:

  • Organic SEO Tools
  • Maps Listing Optimization
  • Consolidated Advertising
  • Performance Tracking

Organic SEO Tools

We at LawSudo implement organic SEO techniques that help ensure that your website is designed to increase traffic and avoid those techniques that often get companies flagged as spam. While we work to achieve desirable rankings on search engines, our websites are ultimately designed with the end user in mind, rather than search engine robots. This helps us further boost your rankings through organic means as we strive to deliver high-quality content to your potential leads.

Maps Listing Optimization

In addition to enjoying a desirable spot on general search rankings, you want to be sure that you are visible and easily accessed in Google Maps and other directories. We can help your business stand out from amidst a sea of competitors with attractive and eye-catching listings that help promote your business. Maps Optimization is an important part of any SEO campaign that should not be overlooke,d

Consolidated Advertising

With a single campaign, we at LawSudo can help ensure and promote your visibility across a variety of different platforms. There’s no need to target each platform or venue on an individual basis; at LawSudo, we manage every aspect of optimization to ensure that you’re visible on local search results, map listings, and more.

Performance Tracking for your Law Firm’s SEO Campaign

We at LawSudo believe in transparency and as such offer a robust set of tracking tools, which allows us to further tweak and optimize your campaign for increased success. In addition, we also track the number of visitors, peak hours for traffic, and other valuable metrics that give you a complete picture and allow us to fine-tune as you see fit.

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