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Social media is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ continue to connect people in ways that were unheard of until recent times. Needless to say, their potential for online marketing is nearly limitless. These social networks are a great way for you to reach potential clients, enhance brand visibility, and encourage people to send referrals your way.

Your clients, and certainly your competition, are likely already established on social media. This is why a strong social media presence is so important. Having well-developed profiles across various prominent platform further increases your exposure and allows you to directly connect with current and potential future clients.

Some of the advantages of using social media includes:

  • Improved SEO: Regularly-updated social media posts can connect to your site and create an internal “network,” which is seen upon favorably by search engine robots and other factors that play into SEO rankings.
  • Conversions: Your goal is to turn visitors into clients, which can be influenced by your social media presence. Regularly-updated blogs and posts give potential clients a comprehensive overview of your firm and leave a favorable impression, which builds trust in your brand name.

There is so much more to effective social media practices than simply creating a profile and leaving it as-is. Potential clients and visitors are not impressed, and often turned away, by social media profiles that have not been updated in months.

In order to maintain the profile’s relevance, you need to create quality content, update your posts regularly, interact with other users, and gain “likes,” “shares,” and other forms of social media acknowledgement and engagement.

Whether your social media is bare-bones, regularly updated, or simply non-existent, you can rely that the experts at LawSudo are able to identify the best practices for your situation and fully implement them as they grow, develop, and manage your online profiles. Call us today at 512.850.5999 to learn more.

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