Internet Marketing for Law Firms

Having a strong website is a solid start, but there is much more to boosting your visibility, and traffic, within the competitive online arena. In order to really benefit from these efforts, you need to engage in online marketing, LawSudo’s experts have the resources to formulate shrewd marketing strategies and implement them to help you achieve the results that you need.
There are many ways in which LawSudo can help bolster your online marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing

There are many factors at play that determine the rankings of websites in search listings such as Google and Bing. Having a website is not enough to guarantee a spot on the first page, or even the first five.
We at LawSudo can help you implement Search Engine Marketing campaigns aimed to improve your website’s SEO, boosting visibility across the web. We work closely with our clients and their needs to formulate a strategy that meets their budget and business goals.

Social Media Marketing

When used properly, social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be valuable resources in your online marketing endeavors. Having a strong presence in prominent social media platforms can help potential clients learn about your firm, and helps you establish connections with your community.
Most law firms do take the time to create a profile, then they quickly forget about it. Without proper updates or development, you won’t reap any benefits from your social media marketing efforts. Delegate this to the experts at LawSudo, who can continuously update your profiles and make the proper tweaks needed to stay on top of the game.
<PPC/Online Advertising

You don’t always have to passively sit back and wait for traffic to come your way. In situations where you want to really turn the faucet on, you can launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, which is often the fastest way to raise traffic when compared to other SEO strategies.
Our SEO experts at LawSudo can manage and run your PPC campaign to ensure that your investment is used wisely, and that your advertisements are optimized for your target audience.

Lawyer/Law Firm Blogs

A law blog is a great way to connect with the public, as well as potential clients, and also serves to boost your website’s SEO ratings and rankings. Blogs that are regularly updated are ranked more favorably on search engines, further boosting your visibility. Not only that, but blogs are a great way to share recent case results, legal news, or other relevant information that your audience might want to see.

Your Total Solution

LawSudo is your premier stop for all things online marketing. Whether you need to develop your site to further maximize your SEO rankings, want to branch out to different directories and platforms, or anything else related to online marketing, know that you can rely on the experts at LawSudo. Call us at 512.850.5999 today to learn more.

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